Monday Link Roundup

There’s were lots of good updates posted at Retro Renovation this week but my favorite post was a detailed look at this mid-century bathroom installation: – Nanette and Jim’s vintage blue bathroom An interesting overview of James RW Cornetet new book Facadomy: A Critique on Capitalism and its Assault on Mid-Century Modern Architecture can be…

The Bold Look of KOHLER

Jonathan Adler is one of my favorite modern designers and he’s recently teamed-up with KOHLER to design his own line of colorful kitchen and bathroom sinks. His line was inspired by KOHLER’s classic designs which were infused with bright pops of color.

Bathrooms (1960-65)

Following up from yesterday’s post here are some pictures of fabulous bathrooms from the early ’60s. 1960 1961 1963 1964 If you’d like to see more pictures of late mid-century bathrooms please see my ’60s bathroom Flickr Gallery. Tomorrow… ’60s bedrooms!

Bathrooms 1956-59

I thought I’d finish the year by sharing some images from late ’50s interiors (1956-59). The images are from old magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens, Life, etc. First up, bathrooms: 1957 1958 1959 Tomorrow… Kitchens!

Early ’50s Bathrooms (1950-55)

This is a collection of images featuring bathrooms from the early ’50s (1953-55). All this week I’ll be sharing images of early interior design from 1950-1955 here so if you’re interested in the early half of the ’50s check back often! 1953 1954 1955 If you’d like to see more early ’50s bathrooms you’ll find…

’40s Bathrooms

A little delayed but as promised, here are some various images from early mid-century bathrooms (1945-49). I didn’t have a lot on hand but here’s a few of the more interesting images I could find. 1945 1947 1948 If you’d like to see more ’40s bathrooms you’ll find them in my Flickr Gallery. Tomorrow, ’40s…

Save the Pink Bathrooms!

One of my favorite mid-century sites is Retro Renovation run by Pam Kueber who also created the wonderful Save the Pink Bathrooms site. I love mid-century style pink bathrooms and decided to scan some images of them from old decorating magazines I have so I could share them here (click on images to see them…