The Hollywood Style in 1969

I recently wrote about Hollywood homes in 1969 for The blog post featured lots of photos from various houses belonging to actors, directors as well as costume designer Edith Head snapped at the end of the swinging sixties.

Betty Pepis & Interior Decoration A to Z

I recently found a copy of Betty Pepis’ 1965 book Interior Decorating A to Z at a used bookshop. It’s a great publication filled with lots of pictures illustrating various design terms alphabetically beginning with “Accessories” and ending with “Wall Treatments” (apparently Betty ran out of designer terms when she got to ‘W’). I hadn’t…

Atomic Ranch Midcentury Interiors

One of the first things I did after buying my home was subscribe to Atomic Ranch magazine. It’s become my “go to” source for new information about old homes.

Brighten Your Life With Colors You Like

A few months ago I picked up a great little book that was published by Pittsburgh Paints in 1962. It goes into detail about how to use color schemes in your home, how to choose paints, how natural light effects color, etc. and it’s been an eye-opening read. It’s changing the way we’re using color…

Clocks In Home Decoration (1965)

I recently picked up this great book & catalog at a garage sale. It was published by Westclox in association with Good Housekeeping magazine and it features a ton of great snapshots of style conscious 1965 interiors. I love ’60s design and I found it really inspiring. I especially love the colorful kitchens! I thought…

Mini Mad Men Style Guide

Season 4 of Mad Men kicks off tonight and in its honor I thought I’d share a collection of links to various articles, photo galleries, etc. that might appeal to anyone who appreciates the style and attention to detail that the talented Mad Men set designer Amy Wells and production designer Dan Bishop bring to…

Living Rooms (1960-65)

To finish up my week-long look at late mid-century interior design I’m going to share some pictures of some fabulous early ’60s living rooms. I hope you enjoy them! 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 If you’d like to see more pictures of late mid-century living rooms please see my ’60s Living Rooms Flickr Gallery.

Bedrooms (1960-65)

To continue with my week-long look at early ’60s interior design I’m sharing some pics of bedrooms today. Enjoy! 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 If you’d like to see more pictures of late mid-century bedrooms please see my ’60s bedroom Flickr Gallery. Tomorrow… ’60s living rooms!

Bathrooms (1960-65)

Following up from yesterday’s post here are some pictures of fabulous bathrooms from the early ’60s. 1960 1961 1963 1964 If you’d like to see more pictures of late mid-century bathrooms please see my ’60s bathroom Flickr Gallery. Tomorrow… ’60s bedrooms!