Monday Link Roundup


There’s were lots of good updates posted at Retro Renovation this week but my favorite post was a detailed look at this mid-century bathroom installation:
Nanette and Jim’s vintage blue bathroom

An interesting overview of James RW Cornetet new book Facadomy: A Critique on Capitalism and its Assault on Mid-Century Modern Architecture can be found at AZoBuild. The author explains that, “Central to ‘Facadomy’ is Cornetet’s analysis of the economic roots of Mid-Century Modernism, the movement that shaped modern design, architecture and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965.”
New Book Examines How Modern Economic Forces May Affect Tomorrow’s Designs

There was a great interview with author Rob Keil in the San Mateo Daily Journal last week. Keil’s the author of Little Boxes: The Architecture Of A Classic Midcentury Suburb, which details the history of one of the Bay Area’s best known mid-century suburbs located in Daily City. In the interview Keil explains that he’s been working on a documentary about Henry Doelger, a suburban developer who created the colorful “little box” houses that were criticized by some and are now being lovingly restored by appreciative owners. A trailer for the upcoming film Little Boxes: The Legacy of Henry Doelger is posted below.
Little Boxes: Discovering Doelger

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