Atomic Ranch Midcentury Interiors

One of the first things I did after buying my home was subscribe to Atomic Ranch magazine. It’s become my “go to” source for new information about old homes. Each issue is loaded with lots of eye-catching photos as well as fascinating histories of post WW2 neighborhoods and helpful tips for anyone trying to restore or renovate a mid-century ranch house. Atomic Ranch has also published two books. Their first book was Atomic Ranch: Design Ideas for Stylish Ranch Homes and their latest release is Atomic Ranch Midcentury Interiors. Both books are worth owning but since I’m currently involved in restoring the interior of my home I was really excited to get my hands on a copy of Atomic Ranch Midcentury Interiors and the new book didn’t disappoint.

Atomic Ranch Midcentury Interiors contains over 190 pages. Various styles of ranch homes are featured and I was particularly happy that they included floor plans, which makes it easier to appreciate interior layouts and get a better understanding of the size and scope of each house.  Besides lots of colorful interior shots of amazing houses the book also contains helpful information for home owners on picking paint colors, replacing windows, choosing floor coverings, updating kitchens, etc. as well as a list of resources including links to websites where you can learn more about the products they discuss. While you can find lots of similar info online it’s nice to have a book on hand that you can easily flip through for similar ideas. Atomic Ranch Midcentury Interiors is also just a beautiful publication that would enhance any vintage coffee table. Below are a few of my favorite photos from the book.

Further Reading:
Interview with the the authors of Atomic Ranch Midcentury Interiors, Michelle Gringeri-Brown & Jim Brown

4 Comments Add yours

  1. knitxcore says:

    that bedroom is dreamy!

  2. what great use of color!

  3. I want to move into EVERY ONE of these pictures! 🙂

  4. Bets says:

    Dreamy is a great descriptor…I love this new dream of mine. Just closing on a MCM home here in Galveston, Texas, and just joining up on the blog. Thanks for these great pics and the information.

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