The Hollywood Style in 1969


Charlton Heston’s Home

I recently wrote about Hollywood homes in 1969 for The blog post featured lots of photos from various houses belonging to actors, directors as well as costume designer Edith Head snapped at the end of the swinging sixties. I thought visitors to Mid-Century Living might appreciate the post so I thought I’d share it here. What follows is an excerpt from my piece along with some sample pictures and a link to the original article.

“… one of my most interesting recent purchases was a lavish coffee table photo collection titled The Hollywood Style originally published in 1969 and co-authored by film historian Arthur Knight. The book provides an intimate look at the luxurious homes of various classic film actors and directors while combining three of my personal passions, history, photography and pre-80s interior design, into an impressive triumvirate that revels in Hollywood extravagance.

If you’ve ever pondered the design of Cecil B. DeMille’s home office or wondered what Jennifer Jones’ bedroom might look like you should find the following photos as curious and captivating as I did.”


Top: Henry Fonda’s billiard room. Middle: The entry way into James Coburn’s home. Bottom: Steve McQueen’s Bedroom

If you’d like to read my entire piece and see more photos of celebrity homes you can find the original article on TCM’s blog: The Hollywood Style

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  1. midmichigan says:

    Very good post! It completely captures the time of the late 60’s, early 70’s interiors. I grew up in the Midwest and we kind of went from the functionality of the more modern designed stuff like Heywood Wakefield to more of a heavier looking, somewhat Mediterranean looking, and almost garish décor. Colors were changing too. The late 60’s brought in somewhat darker tones of avocados, golds, copper tones and burnt orange. Shag carpeting was all the rage and longer was better; until you had to vacuum. Even special carpet rakes were sold . The absurd became disgustingly filthy and almost impossible to clean.

    I don’t know if it was a cultural thing from the drugs and music or just changes due to the want for something different but from that era and culture sprung one of the most irrational and embarrassing societal eras; disco. Now, by just mentioning it, I have to stop and play my Easy Rider album to get that disco sound out of my head.

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