Monday Link Roundup


If you didn’t make it to Palm Springs for Modernism Week earlier this year, you can still look forward to Mod-Palm Springs. This new event “celebrating a serving of all things Mid-Century Modern carefully blended with retro Tiki culture (the Polynesian kind so prevalent in the 50´s & 60´s)” takes place October 11th through the 13th. For more info & ticket prices visit the following link:
Mod-Palm Springs

California Tiki enthusiasts can also look forward to the 13th annual Tiki Oasis event taking place in San Diego next week (August 15-18th). This year promises to be a real Hawaiian Hootenanny!
Tiki Oasis 2013

In the mood for a little eye-candy? Check out at Kristen & Paul’s fabulous “artsy, retro home on a shoestring budget” currently on display at Retro Renovation:
Mixing old & older

Last but not least, The Mid-Century Menu is one of my favorite blogs featuring the culinary adventures of Ruth & Tom. They’ve recently introduced a new regular feature called Vintage Cocktail Friday that I really enjoy. Throwing a retro-themed party? Just in the mood for a cool refreshing drink? Then pop on over to The Mid-Century Menu!
Bees’ Knees – Vintage Cocktail Friday

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