Happy Anniversary To Me

My hubby & I recently celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and I wanted to share the news here since I’m feeling somewhat nostalgic and extremely grateful. We’ve had an amazing journey together so far full of incredible highs and unimaginable lows but our relationship has managed to survive all the good & bad stuff that life has thrown at us.

Last year we were so bogged down with buying a house, moving, settling in, dealing with various repairs, storage problems, etc. so we didn’t have time to celebrate our 15th anniversary even though it was very special to us. I wish I could say things were different this year but we’re still struggling with many of the same problems. We did manage to eat a good meal and spend time with family but we hope to take our first vacation in 7 long years very soon and we’ll celebrate more then. We’re planning a road trip down the CA coast but we’re still trying to work out all the details. More about that later . . . in the meantime here’s a few pictures from our wedding day taken in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in 1996 as well as a badly lit & unflattering cellphone photo from our recent anniversary dinner.

16 years & counting . . .

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