If I had a time machine . . .

Pam of Retro Renovation recently asked her readers where they would go if they had a time machine and could spend a day anywhere. It only took me a moment to answer because I’ve had the same fantasy since I was a prepubescent kid. Here’s how I responded to her question:

“I’d like a ticket to swinging London circa 1964-66, please! I’d spend my day shopping on Carnaby St. & King’s Road and seeing some of my favorite British actors (Terence Stamp, Richard Burton, etc.) perform on stage in the various plays they were starring in at the time. In the evening I’d hit the clubs and catch some of my favorite bands from the period (Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, the Animals, etc.) live while dining at places like Picasso where Michael Caine liked to hang out. I’ve carried this fantasy with me for 35 years so if anyone knows how I can make it happen, please let me know ASAP!”

I was an oddball kid growing up. The type that got rocks thrown at her when she was in elementary school because she spent her lunch breaks in the library reading books about haunted houses, fantasy worlds and you guessed it… time travel! By the age of 12 I was dressing like a hippie and listening to The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley & Pink Floyd religiously while other kids my age were typically buying the latest Rick Springfield & Loverboy singles. My idea of a good time would be spending my Saturday afternoon planted in front of the TV watching old movies. A part of me has always lived in the past so I’ve often thought about where I would go if I had a time machine.

I have many favorite historical periods and places I’d love to visit including Regency England, the Belle Époque in Paris as well as Paris in the 1920-30s, Weimar Berlin, Los Angeles in the 1950s, etc. Some of them are fun to think about but I also appreciate things like modern plumbing, electricity, air-conditioning & women’s rights so I’m not sure I’d enjoy myself if I did find my way back to Regency England for example. The sixties has always been my favorite modern decade. I find the music, the movies, the fashion and the design utterly appealing and as bonafide anglophile I can’t think of a more exciting place to visit than swinging London in the mid-sixties.

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