Monday Link Roundup

Lots of good stuff this week!

My fellow blogger, preservationist and all-around nice gal, Gretchen Steinberg was interviewed for a great news article in the Sacramento Bee about the growing popularity and interest in mid-century modern design.

One of my favorite blogs is MID-CENTURIA run by Kevin Anzalone. In a recent post Kevin discusses the beautiful vintage mid-century furnishings he spotted in a new modern home built in San Mateo, CA.

Over at another one of my favorite blogs, Retro Ruth shares some pages from Interesting Recipes From The West Coast featuring wood paneled rooms by the West Coast Lumberman’s Association in Oregon.

Interesting article about mid-century designer Charles Pollock who is currently working with Bernhardt Design.

A nice collection of mid-century Space Age & Googie design photos from Rhan Vintage.

Two Newsday stories by Debra Scott caught my eye last week. The first is a list of historical mid-century modern homes in Long Island that have been destroyed and preserved. The second was an article about a new documentary film titled Modern Tide: Midcentury Architecture on Long Island (2012). I’ve also posted a trailer for the film following Scott’s piece.

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