Red, White & Blue All Over

My first Etsy Treasury List . . . some favorite July 4th inspired vintage finds in Red, White & Blue All Over!


2 thoughts on “Red, White & Blue All Over

  1. Just bought a house in Monticello Park and looking around discovered you. I will be following you. I actually have some of my Mom’s mid-century tablecloths. There is a fabulous fabric store in Santa Cru, Hart’s, that has wonderful quality mid-century vinyls.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Dorothy and congrats on your recent home purchase! Monticello Park is a beautiful area. Lots of lush homes there. Don’t know if you already spotted this earlier post, but I went on a home tour there in 2010 and took a lot of photos. You can find that post here:

    I also appreciate the fabric store recommendation. My husband and I are actually planning to take a trip up that way soon so if I have some time I might give it a look.

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