Monday Link Roundup

In Arizona a battle has begun to save an incredible home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, often considered the father of American modernist architecture. This insightful article from Arizona Local News discusses the problems that many historic preservationists face when trying to preserve precious modern architecture. Alison King from Modern Phoneix is interviewed.

“The more mid-century modern homes we see and work on, the more surprised we are that so many good design ideas have been disregarded or forgotten over the last 60 years. These ideas aren’t just ‘features’ or fashionable details; they’re significant concepts that allow people more opportunity in their lives and an extraordinary quality of life.”

An authorized retailer for Herman Miller and Knoll answers some questions the often plague mid-century furniture buyers such as, “Can I buy an original? Should I buy vintage or new? What is the difference between an authentic piece and a reproduction?”

A nice collection of photos highlighting the recent Paul McCobb exhibit at the 2012 New York 20th Century Art & Design Fair.

An illustrated look at designer Henry P. Glass.

Every Sunday the international Ultra Swank blog plays host to Koop Kooper’s Cocktail Nation podcast and this week in-between a selection of great music Kooper interviews Australian based tiki carver Marcus Thorn of Tiki Beat.

Just in time for the upcoming holiday, a July 4th pictorial from Life magazine originally shot in 1954.

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