Warner Textile Archive Wallpaper

After seeing all the vintage wallpapers recently posted at Retro Renovation I’ve had wallpaper on my mind and it seems I’m not alone.  A recent post at the British blog Retro to Go alerted me to the Wallpaper Space company that has just launched a new collection of wallpapers based on vintage designs selected from the Warner Textile Archive. According to their website, the Warner Textile Archive is one of Britain’s largest archival textile collections spanning over two centuries of creativity and commerce in the UK. Their collaboration with Wallpaper Space has generated some lovely reproduction wallpapers that are perfect for mid-century homes. The designs are based on vintage textiles produced between 1950-1969 found on fabrics, prints and original wallpapers.

I couldn’t find any information pertaining to US buyers on the company’s website so I contacted Wallpaper Space directly to ask questions about their products and they were very helpful. They gladly accept orders from the US and do so on a regular basis. You can order products from their website at wallpaperspace.co.uk or by email and items are sent via UPS or DHL. Their wallpapers are printed-to-order so you must allow 10-12 days for the dispatch of goods and shipping time usually takes about 5 days.

Below are some of my favorite designs from Wallpaper Space’s Warner Textile Archive collection.

Top: HELMSLY (1951). This woven jacquard was originally designed as an upholstery fabric by Marianne Straub in 1951. Straub was one of Britain’s leading textile designers between the 1940s and 1960s and according to the Victoria & Albert Museum site, this particular design was inspired by “crystal-structure diagrams that recorded the arrangements of atoms in various substances.” You can’t get more ‘atomic’ than that!

Bottom: ROUEN (1950s – exact date unknown). A cute cafe print perfect for kitchens or any room needing some French flair. The design was taken from a cotton fabric originally produced in France during the 1950s. Designer unknown.

Top: PAINTED VASES (1954). I love this colorful wallpaper and it would look amazing in a mid-century home! The original design was taken from a screen print produced in 1954 by the Willy Hermann Studio in Berlin.

Bottom: AUGUSTIN (1959). This elegant French floral design was originally produced in Paris in 1959 by Atelier Giraud.

Top: STAMPEDE (1959). Atelier Giraud also designed this dynamic print featuring stampeding horses, which was originally produced as a wallpaper by Warner & Sons in 1960. If you’re putting together a western inspired room or just want to add some serious drama to a space STAMPEDE should work beautifully.

Bottom: LUNAR ROCKET (1969). This iconic print was designed in 1969 by Eddie Squires to commemorate the the first manned landing on the moon. Squires was the Artistic Director at Warner & Sons at the time that the company produced the original design. This wallpaper has a real pop art sensibility and it would look great in modern rooms.

You can find many more wallpapers for sale on the company’s website (link posted above), including the mod Union Jack design pictured at the top of this post.

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