Movie: The Love Machine (1971)

I just reviewed a film called THE LOVE MACHINE (1971) for TCM that was recently released on DVD and I couldn’t resist sharing a few screen grabs here. The film has some great interiors that I know a lot of vintage furniture and design enthusiasts will love. It’s based on a novel by the best-selling author Jacqueline Susann who’s best remembered today for writing “Valley of the Dolls.” I spotted some Burke chairs in the film that were inspired by Eero Saarinen designs for Knoll as well as some nice glass tables, op art wallpaper, etc. If you’re interested you can find my review of the film at TCM’s blog, The Movie Morlocks. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the images!

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  1. Dana@Mid2Mod says:

    Cool! The black and white wallpaper is a Verner Panton design called Geometri, and the white leather and chrome sofa looks very Baughman-esque. The chrome and glass tables with the big round legs look like something Dino Gavina or Tobia Scarpa would have done. I love looking at the sets of old movies like this. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Thanks, Dana! The wallpaper looked like a Verner Panton op art design but I didn't know the name of it. And I'm curious about that "Baughman-esque" sofa too. I agree with you. It does look a lot like his later stuff. I'm really curious about some of the lamps on display. If you (or anyone for that matter) happens to know who designed them please let me know!

  3. Dana@Mid2Mod says:

    I'm curious about the lamps too, especially the tall floor lamp beside the white leather sofa. I hope someone can identify it.

  4. Wayne says:

    Apart from the gorgeous look of the film the music is great too – some mighty fine Dionne Warwick vocals and Bacharach tunes. He's movin' on…

  5. Cathy says:

    I might still not be ready to embrace the Seventies (I'm more into the fifties-sixties), but these images are so inspiring!

  6. Just Modern says:

    I love getting inspiration from older movies. I haven't seen this one and will definitely check it out. I most recently watched and recommend Pillow Talk for the same reason. Great style and decor.

  7. I'm totally going to have to check this movie out!! Love it!

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