Summer Thrift Shop Finds

Apologies for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been working a lot and haven’t had much free time for blogging. Hopefully I’ll find the time to update more soon but I thought I’d share a few of my favorite thrift shop/estate sale purchases from the past couple of months.

Sascha Brastoff Owl
Resin Owl by Sascha Brastoff (1960s)

Samsonite Silhouette Luggage Set
New old stock Samsonite Silhouette Luggage Set (1960)

Westinghouse Toaster
New old stock Westinghouse Toaster (60s)

Thrift Finds
Vintage Eero Saarinen table by Knoll (owl & coasters were also thrift store finds)

15 thoughts on “Summer Thrift Shop Finds

  1. Sorry I made you green with envy, Ruth! Sonoma is a great area for thrifting & antiquing. There's a lot of CA modern homes & design up here without the bay area high prices you see in San Francisco/East Bay & Marin or Los Angeles/Palm Springs for example. You should plan a west coast vacation. 🙂

  2. It's all great, but new old stock items always fascinate me. I can't imagine people holding onto old stock for so many years. You'd think warehouses would have been sold and cleaned out, and it would have been trashed ages ago. Lucky for us some of it has survived the landfills.

  3. The new old stock items were an estate sale find. I went to the most incredible estate sale last month and the home belonged to an older couple that once owned or managed some kind of retail store in San Francisco during the 50s-60s so their house was full of amazing stuff that was brand new. They had a ton of unused luggage & kitchen goods for some reason. I felt like I had went back and time and stepped into a store circa 1961. It was a really incredible experience. My husband bought some great new old stock electronics (TV & radio) too.

  4. Rhan – Thanks! The Knoll table was a $9 Goodwill find. Best Goodwill find ever!!knitxcore – Isn't it great? It's the best toaster I've ever seen and I actually needed a toaster. But it's a work of art so I'm afraid to use it. I'll probably just end up displaying it in my kitchen.

  5. Hi Michelle! That Saarin table was a real find. Not something you come across very often but I love thrift & antique shopping in Napa & Sonoma. I've written about a few of the shops I like to visit such as Alice's Consignments & The Community Projects Thrift Shop. If you search my blog you should be able to find my old posts. In the future I'll try and compile a list of good resources in Napa & Sonoma. I'm sure other people would appreciate it too.

  6. Loving your blog… have I not come over here before?? (I found you because you linked up my modern kiddo Retro Holiday Mix—thank you!)So ok, the toaster is insane…and THE LUGGAGE!!!!!!! Good lord woman. So good. Also, that owl! I have him. Not sure if you knew this (apologies if you did) but he's actually a hair spray cozy! You used him to hide your Aqua Net so your dresser looked snazzier. Hee!

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