From Battleships to Apron Strings

I’ve been really busy with work and various other projects lately but last month I set aside some time to visit the “From Battleships to Apron Strings: How WWII created Napa’s Swingin’ Fifties” exhibit at the Napa Historical Society. The exhibit was small but really informative, especially for someone like myself who is new to the area and interested in the city’s history. They had some great old photographs on display as well as historical clothing, newspapers, posters, etc. There were also lots of texts available to read so you could learn about the history of Napa and how it developed during and after WW2. I was able to snap a few photos of the exhibit so I thought I’d share them.
Vintage photo of The Napa Historical Society
Vintage Photo
Vintage Uniform
Vintage Dress, Hat & Photos
1953 Uptown Ad
Vintage Poster
Garden Books
Napa Historical Society Exhibit

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rhan Vintage says:

    Very cool. That would be so fun to see.

  2. I really enjoyed it because I learned a lot about the area. I hope to go back the Napa Historical Society soon and do some research about my neighborhood.

  3. I stopped by there to see if they had any info on the area we are moving to in Napa. They only charge $15 for research. They wrote me an email back and although they found little info on the house (and didn't even charge me!) they were very nice – and the old building is beautiful. I will have to check out this exhibit.

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