Milo Baughman

At the end of last year we picked up some great vintage pieces for our home including this incredible Milo Baughman chair for just $25 (produced by James Inc. probably between 1960-65). We swore that we wouldn’t purchase any more furniture that needed to be reupholstered after buying our sofa but we just couldn’t pass this chair up. The previous owners allowed their cat to use it as a scratching post so it got really damaged but the frame is in great shape and we loved the look of the chair. It’s also really comfortable. It may have ended up in a garbage dump if we didn’t take it home with us and we couldn’t bare to see that happen. The chair just needs a good cleaning and some fresh upholstery and it will be good as new.

Milo Baughman (1925-2003) was one of America’s greatest and most influential furniture designers. His work has been exhibited in museums throughout the United States including the Whitney Museum of Art in New York and the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC. Baughman was also inducted into the American Society of Furniture Designers Hall of Fame in 1987. If you’d like to learn more about him and see more of his designs follow the links I’ve posted below:
Milo Baughman @ Wikipedia
Milo Baughman @ Decopedia
Milo Baughman @ Apartment Therapy
Milo Baughman @ the CIRCA and the WHO

11 thoughts on “Milo Baughman

  1. Great find! We thought we had found a real deal on some Milo Baughman chairs today, but they were too beat up to salvage without spending a lot of money. My SIL said they looked like tigers had ripped them to shreds. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks! It's a great chair and at $25 we just couldn't pass it up. Hopefully we can find someone to reupholstered for $200 or less and if so, we think it will be well worth it. We can't afford to do it immediately but I'll definitely share the results when we do.

  3. Hi, I'm enjoying your blog! I found it looking for info mid century homes. We are in the process of buying one in Napa and we're very excited. If you know of a good architect in the area that's worked on mid centuries, please let me know.

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