Paint & Progress

Original Eichler Colors

We’re making progress but it’s slow going. In order to save money we’re determined to do most of the work on the house ourselves but between jobs, life, etc. it’s going to take us awhile.
The room I plan to use for my office had to be completely re-wired since we had electricity problems and when we removed the crown molding we found an inch wide gap between the ceiling and the walls that had to be repaired. The ceiling was lowered a little when they installed air-conditioning into the place in the ’90s and the work was poorly done so it’s causing problems throughout our house. But with a lot of the hard work done we decided to finally start painting and hanging some new lights so I thought I’d share our progress.
Since our 1954 ranch house was based on an Eichler design & floorplan we’ve decided to use the original Eichler colors (and their variations) as a basis for painting our home. Thankfully Benjamin Moore still produces similar colors that were used by Eichler owners in the ’50s. I wanted orange in my office so I decided to use “Pumpkin Cream” for my accent wall. The color is usually seen on Eichler exteriors (doors, trim, etc.) but I like breaking the rules a little and after living in rented apartments with white or beige walls for more than 25 years (that I was never allowed to paint!), I’m dying to have more color in my life.

Pumpkin Cream
I love Johnathan Adler’s designs and when Lumens had a big sale earlier this year I used the opportunity to purchase a wall lamp that I had my eye on. The playful retro design works well in the room and I think it will work well with my future plans for the space. But before I show you my progress, here’s a look back at what we started with.

My Office Before
And now the changes…

My Office In Progress
My Office In Progress
Jonathan Adler Wall Lamp

But we still have lots to do…

My Office In Progress

4 Comments Add yours

  1. toveb says:

    I actually love that pink colour, but perhaps not in the entire room. I think bright colours work best on just one wall, like you've done now with the Cream Pumpkin. 🙂 The lampshade is great!

  2. Thanks! I thought about keeping one of the pink walls as an accent wall too since I like the pink but the color just fought with the wood floor too much and they didn't work together. I also wanted to stick to using original Eichler colors if possible and orange is one of my favorite colors.

  3. mitch says:

    That's one neato Light fixture!! Your story sounds so familiar. I think i just removed the same terrible 'fancy gold fixture' from my newly aquired mini-atomic casa, 6 of those darn things. In an effort to return it to its 1956 MCM glory day. The Adler lights are a swell wall mount replacement!

  4. Thanks for the feedback, Mitch! That Adler light really caught my eye and I couldn't resist taken advantage of that sale. Aren't those bright brassy light fixtures awful? We have a bunch in our place as well. I'm pretty sure they were on sale at Home Depot and someone went in and bought them all. They seemed to be in a lot of the houses we looked at when we were house hunting.

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