’40s Living Rooms

Living Rooms are my favorite room of the house (followed by kitchens) probably because they’re where you usually relax and entertain guests. In mid-century homes it’s also common to have a dinning room that’s part of the living area and you can see one example of that below. Open floorplans became much more common in the ’50s.


Living Room (1946)

Living Room (1946)


Living Room (1947)

Living Room (1947)


Living room (1948)

Living Room (1948)


Living Room (1949)

Living Room (1949)

If you’d like to see more ’40s living rooms you’ll find them in my Flickr Gallery.

Over the weekend I’m going to continue celebrating the ’40s and share some really nice articles I’ve found on modern homes and the use of color so if you enjoy early mid-century design keep an eye out for them!

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